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Expanding our Practice

Total Performance Medical was established in early 2008. We currently have over 4500 patients.Our focus is male sexual health; or more specifically, men that have not found success with standard therapies such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. In addition, we help men that aren’t having problems performing but are interested in enhancing their performance.

Due to our growth we are looking to expand our medical staff. This is an ideal position for a retired physician who wants to maintain patient interaction. There wouldn’t be any demands required with the management of the practice or dealing with insurance providers. We have full time / part time availability plus we can be very flexible with scheduling. This can be a very rewarding position since you have the ability to provide immediate help for a condition that is very frustrating to your patient and their partners happiness.

Our doctors come from a variety of diciplines and experience. This would not be a limiting factor for any doctor that is interested. Our doctors all share one common denominator, a desire to help.

For those interested please email: Tpmcindy@outlook.com

posted: 7/15/2015