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Prostate Cancer

The reality for many of the 240,000 men in the United States in whom prostate cancer is diagnosed each year is not rosy, at least when it comes to their intimate lives. Regardless of what you may have been told prior to your surgery, in a recent study published by the Journal of American Medicine, fewer than half of the men who had been treated for prostate cancer managed to regain adequate sexual function two years after treatment.


Total Performance Penile Restoration
Traditionally men had been told to wait 2 years after surgery for spontaneous erections to occur. There is a significant amount of data that suggests otherwise. Initiating Penile Restoration treatment with Total Performance Medical within one month of surgery can give the patient significantly improved probability of regaining performance with no medication. In a published study 67% percent of the men that received treatment were able to achieve spontaneous erections within 6 months vs 20% of the men that did not pursue treatment.

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