Another satisfied couple!

There is nothing more rewarding than helping people achieve what they desire. Sexual intimacy is a great gift and it is a bond that can help a couple weather the trials of a life. When couples start having difficulty achieving the level of intimacy they desire it can become very stressful.

A new patient of ours was very typical of what we see. He was in his mid 40’s and had been experiencing performance issues for about 2 years. He was using oral medications and they were working OK. What he wasn’t getting was the duration he and his partner desired. His wife had been known in the past to be game for up to 2 hours when he was able. That was something that currently wasn’t happening and he and his wife decided that they wanted to do something about it.

The initial appointment went well and the patient responded nicely to the test dose of medication. The patient said he and his wife were going to be getting away for the weekend and wanted to try out their initial meds. We sent the patient along, the same day, with two different revisions of medication. Each was designed to perform a little bit different.

When the patient returned he reported back with the results. One of the medications worked exactly as planned. It lasted about 2 hours with the desired level of firmness. His wife was thrilled. The alternate dose had the same level of firmness but only lasted about half the time. The patient was actually quite happy since he now had a medication he could use when they needed duration and a second dose when they had less time to spare.