Couple realized they wasted 10 years before getting treatment

One of the best parts about working at Total Performance is being able to make a real difference in peoples lives. Many time people come into their appointments with fair amount of skepticism. This is understandable since there are many products and services on the market that make revolutionary claims that really don’t work. Many patients feel that Total Performance is just going to be another disappointment.

Going through a patient chart recently I noticed a note that had been written after a patient visit. The patient had been through Prostate Cancer Surgery 10 years prior. The patient stated that he was very grateful for the help he received at Total Performance. He said when he showed his wife the results from the medication she laughed first then she cried because she realized they had wasted 10 years before seeking treatment.

More often than not the toughest part of our process is the first step, making the phone call. Total Performance isn’t going to make any revolutionary claims but there is a very good possibility we can help even if you’ve tried many different things.