No legitimate Medical Professional can “Guarantee” results

Men that are experiencing performance issues are bombarded with solutions to their problem. Most men that have had issues can relate to ordering supplements on-line or scheduling an appointment with a provider that will guarantee a result. At Total Performance we’ve had men come in with boxes of supplements they’ve tried, all ordered under the pretense of a money back guarantee.

When Total Performance first opened we too offered a guarantee that if we can’t help you in the first visit you won’t pay.

The reality is that our medications are very effective but we know that there is a percent of patients that our treatments can’t help. We feel it’s more important to let our patients know that up front. After nearly 9 years in Indianapolis we would would say our success rate is about 85%.

As much as we’d like to guarantee our results, we can’t. What we can guarantee is our efforts to get you the results you desire. At times in the initial appointment we don’t achieve a result that the doctor feels is adequate. The patient will still be obligated for the initial appointment but we will invite the patient back for a re-application at No Charge. Sometimes it can take more than one re-application. They would additionally be at No-Charge.

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