Patient Shares story of experience with another “Male Medical Center”

We recently had a patient return to Total Performance Medical that hadn’t been in for a few years. In talking to the patient he said he had moved out of Indianapolis and decided it might be easier to use a “similar” medical center close to where he was living. As it turned out it was a big mistake.

The patient went through an initial appointment, did a test dose of medication and was told by the counselor that he needed to purchase enough medication so he could use 3 doses per week whether he was going to be intimate or not. The logic, as he was told, using the medication would restore his sexual function. He ended up spending over $3000 and all the medication was dispensed to him at once. He was advised to keep medication in the freezer until it was needed.

The bad news; the medication didn’t work and it couldn’t be adjusted.

Not all male medical centers are bad it just boils down to asking the right questions on the front end.