Your Penis is Huge……compared to an ape’s.

Being involved in a Male Medical Center I am accutely aware of how men are often concerned about the size of their manhood. For obvious reasons, most men are not in a situation where they see other men in an aroused state. They can only go by what they’ve seen on-line as their basis of comparison. All men know that women have taken a secret oath to keep men in the dark about whether size is important.

An article in Slate which is excerted from Gods Doodle, The Life and Times of the Penis by Tom Hickman is a quite humorous look at the issue.

“Intellectually, a man knows that the size of his penis shouldn’t be specifically relevant in a relationship, to him or to a woman. His common sense tells him that it will certainly not be the major or controlling factor in a woman’s response to him. And yet … he can’t help believing that it is.

The most frequent question on all Internet Q-and-A sex sites continues to be, “Is size important?” A downloadable chart of four outline drawings (“low average” to “extraordinarily large”) can be found on the net, which a man can print out and use as a template against which to judge himself. Even the most balanced of men is capable of half-believing he is under-endowed. Many American men, according to the Kinsey Institute, believe the average erection is 10 inches—this despite (or because of) frequently accessing Internet pornography in which participants have shaved off their pubic hair to increase visibility and many have used a vascular device to pump up temporarily. But there should be solace for the average man in knowing that he is statistically within touching distance, as it were, of some 90 percent of all his fellow

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