About Us

Total Performance Medical Center is a group of licensed; all male, medical physicians that are committed to helping men restore their sexual vitality. We are devoted to helping men of any age overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low testosterone. Our goal is to provide you with an immediate erectile result that offers long term solutions for your condition.

We offer respect, dignified and individualized treatment options to every client. At Total Performance Medical Center, we specialize in helping you find the curative treatment that best suits you and your lifestyle. Our physicians understand how personal and difficult this issue can be. One of the cornerstones of our practice is good communication and a professional doctor-patient relationship. That openness allows you and your physician to fully discuss and explore your concerns and medical issues, which helps us determine the root cause of your sexual health issue.

Every man is different and has a unique set of health concerns. We understand this better than most physicians. Urologists are great for many health issues, but they may only treat a few ED cases a month. At Total Performance Medical Center sexual health issues are our only focus. That’s why we can offer custom built treatments tailor made for you.

We would like the opportunity to help you with the care that you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.