Local Adventurer Benefits from Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Total Performance Medical patient Mike B. has proven that 60 is the new 30. His drive for adventure has taken him on numerous biking and hiking trips across the US and throughout the world, and he’s not finished yet. Mike was beginning to notice, as he got older, that his ability to recover from rigorous exercise was getting more and more difficult. Mike wanted to maintain the intense level of activity he desired without the negative effects on his body. In order to do so he started searching for a doctor or health care facility that focused specifically on men’s health issues. Mike wanted a partner who could pointpoint his exercise recovery problem and eventually help to eliminate it.

Mike ultimately chose Total Performance Medical. He felt the staff at Total Performance listened to his needs and shared his vision for what he was seeking to accomplish in his active life. Mike eventually settled in on an injectible testosterone therapy that was specifically tailored to how his body was using testosterone. This is accomplished through close monitoring and testing.

The acid test for Mike came after being on the testosterone therapy for nearly a year. He had come into the medical center in the July timeframe for one of his normal injections. His next time in he was due for a regular lab test to monitor his TT levels. The staff at Total Performance was expecting his testosterone test to come back with a result in the 600-700 ng/dl range (ref. interval 349-1197). Mike’s actual result was 248 ng/dl.

As it turned out Mike had just participated in the RAIN Ride which is a bicycle ride across Indiana in 90+ degree temperatures, it is a grueling 1 day event. The race as it turned out, had a dramatic effect on his testosterone levels.

Mike fortunately was able to get his testosterone level back up due to the fact that he was already supplementing. What happens to the middle aged men that aren’t supplementing? It can take time for the body to get testosterone production going again. The reality for those men is longer recovery, injuries, soreness, low energy and less effective training.

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